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What a crazy respite weekend! With 2 – 15yr olds and a 9 yr old boy here for the weekend…  well let’s just say it was eventful. Things you might have heard me say:

“I am NOT talking to anyone until they have put their shirt back on!”


“Uhhh, NO you CAN NOT drink the ketchup. Seriously? The ketchup?”


“What is that smell? Was that you? Do NOT blame the dog! Next time leave the room before you do that!”


“Videotapping my butt is not funny. Stop laughing! Stop video taping my butt! RIGHT NOW!”


“I’m happy you’re here too!”   (this one got me all choked up!)

Mara~ “No I will not touch your ‘six-pack’!”


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“Jesus put me on this earth to tell you what to do!”

Dude, you need that written into your marriage vows 🙂

Mara ~ therapeutic foster kids are awesome!

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ADD joke

How many people with ADD (attention deficit disorder)does it take to change a light bulb?

Wanna go ride a bike?

Mara ~ best joke ever told in church by a gifted ADD pastor.

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A bunch of you have let me know that Bloglines is not picking up my feed… And I don’t know what to do for you..

Mara ~ wordpress ludite

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Alive! Yes I am! Thanks.

Where the fuck did December go? Dude. Awash with chocolate (6K truffles..  God I hate chocolate!) Drowning in exploding commercial 5K pasta machines….  Sooty from a wood fired brick oven… Awash in catering and cooking and orders and how I just am now HATING Christmas. Bah and Humbug! Not to mention the drowning in the CRAY-zee that has become my experience with therapeutic foster care ( a different teenage boy in my house every weekend or for a couple of weeks at a time). Good, but Cray-zee and unsettling and heartbreaking and hilarious and annoying and fun. So you can see the schizophrenic tone my life has had these last few weeks.

In other news,

  • BFF had baby #3, she is awesome!(Both mom and baby). I was lucky to be there for this birth too. It’s all such an amazing, intense miracle. And totally reaffirming that I have TOTALLY made the right decision to NEVER EVER do that. Thank you very much!
  • I’m secretly jealous about BFF having 3 (THREE!) kids, and my own stalled version of #2 still not even on the way here.
  • I can’t bring myself to clean the DISASTER that has become of my work kitchen, and like almost everything else, the longer you leave it the worse it gets.
  • Speaking of which, something I have left for 2 years is biting my ass and I can’t bring myself to deal with it, and leaving it is going to leave some not so nice consequences…. what is WRONG with me?
  • The MIL situation is still up in the air. Mental illness is a bitch and unresolved stuff is just really difficult. SIGH. BIG BIG SIGH.
  • Mom had a stroke, then went to Poland for three months. What is WRONG with her 80 yr old self?
  • The holidays, aside from cray-zee-ness, was THE BOMB. Seriously. My kid is amazing. We were unpacking Christmas decoration (on the 23rd, I am not even kidding!) and I have a picture of my dad from a few Christmases ago, where he looks old, sick and pained, but still the guy I loved my whole life… and we put it up beside a birchtree candle and I light the candle and it’s way for me to remember. On evening at supper time Squirt says in a wistful voice that only a 4yr old can muster “I wish Grandpa was here.”  I responded that I did too. Her head whipped around and she looked me in the eye. “Don’t cry mama, he’s happy now you know.” Okay then. Insert wry smile. God I love her!
  • the Wii is awesome, and MarioKart? Too. much. fun!

I hope everyone is doing well. I have over 500 items in my bloglines…. I’ll be making the rounds.

Mara ~ bad bad blogger

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Oh the woes of junior kindergarten for my little tyke….

“Mama, why did G call me a poo poo head?  I think those are bad words and I think that is making a poor choice. ”

She pauses for a minute then asks,

“Mama will Madame P give him a maturmal comsemquence (natural consequence)?”

Mara ~ my words are being reflected back to me…. though obviously not completely understood 🙂

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Sigh. Let’s just get the sigh, and the deep breath out of the way.

I’ve written about a family member’s struggle with mental illness here. Mostly I was just bitching about how it made me feel, all the disturbing and hurtful things she had done that had led me to back away.  And now things are worse than even I could have imagined in the middle of all my hurt, anger. indignation and outrage.

The Guy and I just learned that his mom has been hospitalized on a psychiatric ward since October 9th. And the details are disturbing and tragic. We are now piecing together a descent into a psychotic break that seems unreal. Getting on a plane, refusing to leave a hotel lobby in another city, paranoid delusions, fears of a cult trying to harm her, a crisis team intervention, throwing death threats and garbage off the balcony of her condo, questioning by police, trouble at work, missing person’s report……

Culminating in the building manager entering a stench filled condo and finding her dog Meesha curled up under a blanket. Dead. Left to starve.

So, now it’s about paperwork. And talks with psychiatrists and lawyers and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). And talks with K. When The Guy called her she said: “Finally! When are you going to get me out of here?” We live many provinces apart and he hasn’t talked to her since June.  Since she threatened to take Squirt away and other weird stuff about Squirt’s first family. In hindsight there were signs. I guess we didn’t realize they were ~*#~*SIGNS~*#*!!!!!! And it’s about flying to another province to see what can be done, and making sure she is not defaulting on her mortgage. We know she refused to pay her condo fees because some other company took over and no one had to pay fees anymore. And they were after her, and trying to harm her. So ANYWAY…  financial stuff must be taken care of, so she does not become homeless on top of everything else.


Mara ~ it’s a little surreal

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