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Happy thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians.  Mmmm turkey, stuffing, garlic smashed potatoes, apple crisp.  Life is good. I have much to be thankful for.

I have some sincere questions. Controversial maybe, but I really want to know people’s opinions, I need to get a larger understanding.  I am trying to not make any generalizations, I am just speaking from my experience.

Why do some very adamant pro-lifers believe equally strongly in capital punishment?  I do not ask this question lightly, I just really want some perspective, and please could you give me more than bible scripture? I go to church every Sunday, I read the book, I just want human speak okay?

For the record, to put my bias out there, I am prochoice. I take the stand of a past president of my neighbours to the south, Bill Clinton.  It should be available, it MUST be safe, and we need to work to make it become rare. Oh, and by the way adoption is NOT the ‘cure’ for abortion, ask first mothers about that one. And one can still be a Christian and be pro-choice. I am also pro-life. See Christ gave us free will, and we are all sinners, and yet we benefit from grace and forgiveness.  Christ is all about choice. Now if one is a devout Christian, terminating a pregnancy becomes a much more problematic issue…

We are in the midst of a federal election (in Canada), and the US is having an historic one too, so I have a political question. I need to put my bias out there for this too. The Guy is a political candidate for a party that is pretty firmly on the left of the scale. I am also left of centre. And I have a question about this too. Many of the very devout Christians in my community tend to be farmers. Our neighbours are awesome, they help out, they are kind, their children are lovely and we love the community. They are also very staunchly conservative. That’s cool, we can all coexist :).  The thing I don’t understand is that in our country the conservative goverment is about big business, and big oil, lax environmental policies where the encouragement is that industries police themselves and sign on to environmental initiaves voluntarily. And tough on crime, yes family values, no to gay marriage, pull yourself up by the bootstraps etc.  Now, I go to church every Sunday, and there is no ‘bootstrapism’ in the bible. It is about loving your God, and loving your neighbour as yourself. I believe the Jesus creed is a great thing to live by, essential even. But sentencing 14yr olds to adult prisons for life just doesn’t sit well with me. I guess I don’t see how the Tories policies align with a loving and forgiving God. Please explain.

Mara ~ enjoying the tryptophan coma and you?


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I would like to let you know that I am fiercely pro-choice. I would also like you to understand that this does not mean I am pro-abortion or anti-life. Can you see that I am pro-choice and pro-life? It’s true. And those convictions can rest in the same small brain at the same time.  Without it even exploding.

True story.

Mara – please do NOT send me anymore fetus pictures. Thank you.

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